Carpenter Joe Hedglin stands against a wooden fence, casually leaning up against it. He has long, wavy blond hair and is wearing a dark blue button down shirt.

Meet the Maker

Joe Hedglin is the carpenter and artist behind Little Ledge Woodworks. As a 3rd-generation carpenter, his bond with wood runs deep, and Joe's journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication to the craft. From a young age, Joe's hands were already familiar with the tools of the trade. By age 8, he was carrying around a trusty clipboard to report his "hours" lugging shingles to his father.

Joe's journey started early, but his dedication, skill, and passion for woodworking have only grown stronger with time. Little Ledge Woodworks is the culmination of his lifelong love affair with wood, and every creation bears the mark of his unwavering commitment to excellence.

The Team

Beside Joe stands a steadfast partner and fellow creative, Jillian Hedglin. Together, they are the dynamic duo that makes Little Ledge Woodworks thrive. Jillian is the driving force behind our back-end operations, where she combines her love for customer service with her talent for fostering connection and passion for systems and efficiency. Jillian understands that the Little Ledge experience extends far beyond the craftsmanship of our pieces; it's also about the relationships we build with our customers.

Joe and Jillian's partnership is the cornerstone of the magic that unfolds within our workshop.

Little Ledge: More Than Just a Name

Nestled in the picturesque town of Cape Neddick, Maine, our workshop serves as the birthplace of every Little Ledge creation. Our serene corner of the world provides the perfect canvas for our craft, drawing inspiration from the captivating landscapes and raw beauty of the Southern Maine coast.

The name "Little Ledge" holds a special place in our hearts; it symbolizes our core values. Just like the unassuming ledge that lines our driveway, we are passionate about the subtle yet profound allure of natural beauty. Our mission is to infuse this beauty into your everyday life through each Little Ledge creation.

We aspire for our products to become an integral part of your daily experiences, elevating both the aesthetics and functionality of your space. We invite you to welcome the essence of Little Ledge into your home.